If you notice that your commercial roof has a few leaks, has sustained damage, or is breaking down due to old age, you need to speak with commercial roof repair and restoration professionals to examine the issue. With a proper examination, certified commercial roofers can determine what type of professional attention is needed. Commercial roof restoration involves replacing outdated materials, repairs involve handling damaged materials, and maintenance is routine roofing attention. Trust the professionals at Davidoff Roofing to complete a full inspection of your commercial roof to determine the necessary repairs and restoration needed to restore it back to a functioning roof.

Commercial roof repair and restoration completed by Davidoff Roofing

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Is Needed

Commercial roof maintenance involves taking steps to prolong the lifespan of the existing roof by tending to small issues that can become bigger problems. Maintenance may involve reattaching flashing, resealing vents, or even patching small holes. It is best to have a regular roofing maintenance plan to protect the duration of the materials. Signs you need commercial roof maintenance include:

  • It has been more than a year since roof maintenance has been performed
  • You notice small issues like leaks around ventilation pipes
  • Flashing has become dislodged

Reasons for Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair projects are explicitly targeted at mending one area of the roof. If a roof inspection shows signs of leaking from one specific area, roof repair is likely the best option. A few factors to consider while determining if roof repair is the best option include:

  • How much of the roof needs to be addressed?
  • How old is the roof?
  • Is the area of repair due to material degradation or age?
  • Is it more financially feasible to repair the damage or replace the full roof?

Reasons for Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial roof restoration is essentially a complete replacement of some elements of the roof when it comes to older materials. For commercial flat roofs, this is often necessary due to materials deteriorating or not being as advanced as they should be for adequate protection. Also, roof coatings fall into the restoration category. For instance, some roofs need to be re-coated after 10 years to prolong their longevity. Roof restoration may be needed if:

  • The roof is outdated, possibly more than 20 or 30 years old
  • There are more advanced roofing options available
  • The roof no longer offers adequate property protection
  • The roofing membrane has perforations, leaks, or missing components

Professional Commercial Roof Repairs and Restoration

The better maintained your commercial roof is, the more your commercial property is protected. Roof repair and restoration are critical parts of roofing maintenance, and Davidoff Roofing can help. If you have a commercial roof that needs our attention, reach out to us to learn more about commercial roof maintenance options.