Pros and Cons of Different Styles of Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs offer various benefits to homeowners, like being low maintenance and having a long lifespan. However, there are numerous types of metal roofing materials and panel styles available, which can make it challenging to understand all your options right away.

We have listed various types of metal roofs and their advantages and disadvantages so that you can have a better idea of the type of metal roof that is right for you.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

A standing seam metal roof is a type of roof that has raised seams, rising above the flat panel section of the roof.

Pros: Standing Seam Metal Roofs are known for their streamlined appearance, longevity, energy efficiency. Raised seams and hidden fasteners not only add style but also help prevent leaks, making your roof last longer.

Cons: Standing seam roof installation requires specialized labour and may have higher installation cost. If you have a flat roof, standing seam roofing might not be the best option for you. It is also a little difficult to clean.

Corrugated Metal Roofs

A corrugated metal roof is a roll-formed piece of metal sheet that is formed into a metal roofing panel. It is usually rounded and wavy.

Pros: Corrugated metal roofs are popular because they’re both strong and affordable. The corrugation procedure strengthens metal against harsh weather, making it suitable for many commercial and agricultural buildings. They are also easier to install compared to other roofs.

Cons: The industrial look of corrugated metal may not match many homes’ architectural types. Corrugated metal roofs are durable and affordable, appealing to individuals who value function above form. Corrugated metal roofs are an exposed fastener roofing type and are exposed to the elements which means they might require more maintenance and repairs than other roofs.

Metal Shingles Roofs

Metal shingle roofs are made up of individual metal shingles that resemble traditional roofing materials like asphalt, wood, or slate. They are installed in overlapping rows to form a protective barrier for the roof.

Pros: The durability of metal roofing and the beauty of shingles are combined in metal shingles. They fit with variety of architectural styles and deteriorate less over time compared to traditional shingles.

Cons: Metal shingles cost more than conventional shingles and require skilled metal roof installation for long-term performance.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofs

Stone-coated metal roofing is made from steel sheets, and then coated with stone granules. Stone-coated metal roofing offers the best of both worlds, combining industrial durability with design versatility.

Pros: Stone-coated steel roofs have a long lifespan. This sturdy, lightweight roofing system is made to resist harsh weather conditions. The stone-coating process lets you choose from many bright colors and textures. It can make your metal roof look like asphalt shingles, clay tiles, or wood shakes.

Cons: Although stone-coated steel roofing may imitate a variety of textures and colours and is fire-resistant, its high cost may put homeowners on a tight budget.

How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Roof

To choose the right metal roofing for your needs, consider your budget, desired appearance, and longevity requirements. Corrugated metal roofs offer affordability, while copper or zinc standing seam roofs provide a premium option. Metal shingles blend well with traditional aesthetics, copper stands out for its beauty, and standing seam roofs offer a modern look. For coastal areas, corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum, zinc, or copper are ideal.

We strongly advise seeking the expertise of a professional roofing contractor when considering metal roofing for your home. Their knowledge and experience can guide you in selecting the most suitable type of metal roofing based on factors such as your home’s structure, climate considerations, and personal preferences. Additionally, professionals can ensure that the installation process is carried out correctly, minimizing the risk of issues such as leaks, improper fastening, or structural concerns.

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