How to Maintain Your Metal Roof

Roofer power washing a metal roof

Metal roofs rank among the most popular systems and an increased number of property owners have them installed each year. Because the sturdy panels and fasteners provide enhanced durability, many property owners wonder: Do metal roofs require maintenance? The short answer is: Yes.

But because metal roof maintenance differs from other systems, building owners do not always know the best practices needed to maximize their investment. By learning the following tips, home and commercial property owners will have a better understanding of how to maintain a metal roof.

Tips on Maintaining Your Metal Roof

When property owners follow through with metal roof maintenance tips, well cared for systems can last between 40 and 70 years. That’s largely due to the advanced technologies integrated into metal roof products. Galvanized, coated, and smartly engineered designs allow metal roofing systems to endure severe weather conditions where other materials might falter.

It’s also important to note that proper metal roof maintenance also prevents minor moisture penetrations that can impact insulation and cause water damage. These are tips on how to maintain a metal roof.

1. Cut Back Tree Limbs

Allowing tree limbs to extend over a home or commercial building invites problems. Tree limbs that touch the metal panels will begin to scratch the protective coating. This may eventually reduce the roofing system’s ability to deflect rain and cause panels to rust. By keeping tree limbs away from your roof, it won’t sustain unnecessary scratching and damage.

2. Clear Away Any Accumulations

Keep a mindful eye on materials that begin to build up on specific areas of your roof. It’s not uncommon for tree sap, moss growths, or soot to settle on surfaces that are not necessarily draining well. Consider having the roof pressure washed to effectively remove the items and any sticky material underneath. If this issue persists, have a professional metal roof contractor inspect the area and fix the problem.

3. Check Sealants Regularly

Although a properly maintained metal roof can last for more than a half-century, sealants do not share that longevity. Extreme high and low temperatures affect sealants, causing them to crack and flake. When sealants become compromised, water seeps through to the roof deck. Rotting lumber often results in property owners requiring major repairs. By inspecting sealants regularly, you can have them inexpensively retooled and avoid costly repairs.

4. Remove Snow Mounding

Allowing ice and snow to weigh on any roofing system is never a good practice. The materials used to keep the elements from damaging the interior are not necessarily designed to carry heavy loads. They are designed to siphon off water and debris to the gutter systems. Push the accumulations off the roof if you can safely reach caked-on ice and snow with a sturdy broom. If not, call a metal roof winter maintenance professional.

It’s also imperative to keep your eavestroughs clear and functioning at a high level. When water backs up, it can drain into soffits and exterior walls.

Prolong the Life of Your Metal Roof with Professional Metal Roof Maintenance

At Davidoff Roofing, we specialize in installing and prolonging the life of metal roofs. This roofing material comes with many benefits and properly taking care of your metal roof can mean that it can last for decades. Choose Davidoff Roofing for all of your metal roofing needs. With a large range of metal roof styles and colours, we can help you personalize your metal roof and keep it in top condition. Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing options and care.