Product Highlight: CertainTeed Presidential Shake

What is CertainTeed Presidential Shake?

Like our other CertainTeed Shingles, CertainTeed Presidential Shake is one of the best roofing materials on the market. Created to resemble hand-split cedar shakes by using premium roofing asphalt, CertainTeed Presidential is a luxury roofing product that provides many benefits to homeowners. 

CertainTeed Presidential Shake Colours

CertainTeed Presidential shingles come in several colours to match your home’s aesthetic, including:

  • Aged Bark 
  • Autumn Blend 
  • Charcoal Black 
  • Country Gray 
  • Shadow Gray 

Features & Benefits of CertainTeed Presidential Shake

  • Protection against unsightly streaks with StreakFighter® technology 
  • Rich colour pallet 
  • Fire resistance 
  • Practically maintenance-free 
  • Wind resistant with CertaSeal technology 

Before & After CertainTeed Presidential Installation

Before and after shed roof renovation using CertainTeed Presidential shingles

Davidoff Roofing’s certified roofers installed CertainTeed Presidential shingles on this shed’s roof for a customer in London, Ontario. Their house received the “Presidential Treatment” as well, but you can really see the definition of the new shingles on the shed! Although more labour intensive to install, the Certainteed Presidential Shake shingle is a very unique and distinct product.

Get CertainTeed Presidential Shingles Professionally Installed to Your Home’s Roof with Davidoff Roofing

Davidoff Roofing is a certified CertainTeed installer that can properly Presidential Shingles to your home’s roof, so you have peace-of-mind that your roof will last for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our residential roofing services and products.