Importance of Hiring Certified Roofers

Certified roofing contractors working on a residential roof

When the roof on a home or commercial building requires repair or replacement, knowing how to find a roofing contractor isn’t difficult. You can simply run an internet search but that can also lead to finding roofing contractors that may not be certified. Choosing a certified roofing contractor can deliver a finished product that protects the building’s infrastructure and contents from water damage while being insured and properly trained.

5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Roofing Contractor

By narrowing your search to hiring a “certified roofing contractor,” you’ll have an opportunity to select a roofing contractor dedicated to delivering on its promises. These are reasons why hiring a certified roofing contractor is the best way to protect your investment.

1: Quality and Professional Workmanship

Some of the pain points property owners experience when working with a second-tier crew involve slow leaks and mold. Incorrectly installed flashing or sealants create small gaps that moisture seeps through. Over time, the rafters suffer water damage and hazardous moulds form in the attic or behind walls. The quality and professional workmanship provided by a certified roofing contractor avert these issues.

2: Roof Warranty Opportunities

A certified roofing contractor can offer diverse warranties. That’s largely because manufacturers have confidence the experienced professionals on every job will install the materials correctly. When choosing a contractor with certification, home and commercial property owners benefit from the certified contractor’s industry-leading relationships.

3: Proper Safety Training

Part of the accreditation process involves training roofing crews about proper safety practices. On the one hand, knowing the right way to set up staging and use safety lines reduces the risk of injury. Practices such as properly securing bundles of materials or heavy equipment help keep you and the people in your area stay safe as well. Although a certified roofing contractor carries insurance, the larger issue is that no one wants a tragic accident to occur.

4: Legal Repairs and Renovations

Applying for construction permits isn’t something homeowners always think about when hiring a roofing contractor. The expectation is that the roofer will handle those issues. A certified roofing contractor is compelled to pull permits or potentially lose their license. But uncertified outfits may not, leaving property owners exposed to legal actions and high fines. The seemingly cheap price an uncertified operation quotes you could prove very costly.

5: Saves Time and Money

It’s essential to understand that repairing or replacing a roof calls for experience. A certified roofing contractor takes the time to thoroughly inspect a damaged or aging system to identify problem areas. Rotting rafters or moisture tainting insulation can result in expensive remediation or additional repairs if not cured. Those issues are detailed in the inspection report and dealt with so that you don’t have to pay twice and go through the construction process all over again.

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