Choosing a Roof Colour that Beautifies Your Home

Different coloured slate roof tiles

Choosing a roof colour requires a keen understanding of how elements of a home’s exterior complement each other. A structure’s brick, stone, or traditional siding typically forms the basis for the exterior colour scheme. But items such as trim, gutters, and even hardscapes are accents that must be taken into considered. That’s why choosing the right roof colour can be something of a challenge. We’ve gathered useful tips on how to choose the right roof colour.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Colour

Although the aesthetic appearance remains a top consideration, property owners must also weigh costs when selecting a roof colour. Dark roofs generally absorb the sun’s rays at a higher rate than their lighter counterparts. For example, black shingled or rubber roofs, run 10-30 degrees hotter than lightly coloured systems.

Architectural design plays a significant role when selecting a roof colour. Spanish-style homes often utilize terracotta tiles and contemporary materials that emulate the traditional appearance. By that same token, a high-sloping system exposes large areas of the roof. Employing light tones can make it look larger, while dark colours make a house appear smaller.

When choosing the right roof colour for your home, don’t hesitate to get a good-sized sample to place next to your siding. It’s not uncommon for popular roof colours to look different in advertisements or online. Having first-hand experience speaks volumes about how you’ll feel once the roof is completed.

How to Match Roof Colours with Siding

There are plenty of popular roof colours circulating through magazines. But truth be told, trendy options are not always a good fit for your property. One way to narrow down the options is to take a Saturday afternoon and ride around looking at homes and commercial buildings. If the first thing you notice is the roof colour, that may not have been the best option. A good choice either blends into the exterior palette or adds to the overall colour scheme. These are things to consider based on the types of exteriors.

  • Red Brick Exteriors: Many classic red brick property owners utilize white accents. This scheme sets the plate for a medium-grey roof that doesn’t detract from the façade.
  • Light Brick Exteriors: Tan and other light-toned bricks succeed with warm-coloured roofs. The general idea is to use roofing tiles that differ modestly from the brick’s base.
  • Stone Exteriors: A great starting point is by identifying the base colour of the stone exterior. Once you have the common denominator running through the façade, choosing a roof colour that matches or complements it usually works. It’s also important to select trim, gutters, and accents that don’t compete with the stone or roof materials.
  • Traditional Siding: The colours used in building materials run the spectrum. In many cases, the roof and siding colour remains a matter of personal taste. It’s generally a good idea to steer clear of overtly coloured roofs that detract from the siding, accents, and landscape.

We Can Help You Choose the Perfect Roof Colour

At Davidoff Roofing, our experienced team of residential roofing contractors is informed on the latest trends in roof colours and available selections whether you are looking for something traditional or modern. We can provide samples and a colour scheme that will complement the current features of the exterior of your home. Contact us today to get your roof colour project started.