Copper is the top-of-the-line option when it comes to choosing metal roofing for your home. Historically, copper roofing has provided structural support, protection and aesthetic appeal for centuries. This lightweight, pliable metal can be integrated into your home from outfitting an entire roof to selective use on architectural elements such as domes or towers. 

Benefits of a Copper Metal Roof

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing property, your roof is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your home. Copper metal roof installation offers distinct advantages, such as:

Davidoff Roofing professional installing a copper roof


Copper roofing has been in use since ancient times even going back to the Romans, who added it to the Pantheon back at about 27 B.C. 


Copper’s lightness and malleability make it easy to install whether on an entire roof or on accent points. Because of its light weight, copper roofing also reduces structural damage on your home.


 A copper roof assimilates into architectural styles ranging from the traditional to modern. Plus, you can create a copper roof with several choices such as shingles, paneling or smooth sheeting. 


Over time, copper naturally acquires a green patina from oxidation, which provides a natural, protective barrier. It withstands temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions. Copper also moderates heat in your home, reflecting the sun’s heat in summer and increasing insulation in winter. Copper is also fire resistant and not susceptible to mildew and pests. 

Increased Home Value 

Though initially expensive depending on the extent of its use, copper’s inherent qualities and aesthetic appeal will increase the value of your home. You’ll find your initial investment pays off. Copper also requires less maintenance, which means you’ll save on making costly future repairs. 

Copper Metal Roof by Davidoff Roofing.


Copper is a naturally occurring material and is easily recyclable. Today much of the copper used for roofing comes from recycled metal. Less waste means less mining. 

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