How Eavestroughs Can Protect Your Home

Eavestrough protecting a residential home

Inconspicuous but essential, eavestroughs (also known as gutters) are located along the horizontal edge of your roof. They act as a conduit to siphon and drain rainwater and melting snow away from your home through a downspout. You may ask yourself, “Why do I need gutters?” The purpose of gutters on a house is to prevent water damage. Eavestrough protect your home from structural damage and help to properly drain water away from the structure.

How Eavestroughs Protect Your Home

Eavestroughs can be made of aluminum, vinyl, steel, zinc and copper, to name a few materials, and are available seamed or unseamed. When considering the material of your gutter, you should take into consideration variables like climate, cost, and durability. Fully functional eavestroughs safeguard your home, top to bottom, from water damage. Gutters can affect multiple parts of your residence.


The horizontal part of your roof is called the fascia. It acts as trim between the line of the roof and your home and is usually composed of wood. Though it helps to protect your home from water damage, it is not foolproof. Over time, insufficient moisture drainage can rot the fascia and cause leaks and water damage. Eavestroughs can prevent this damage from occurring.

Pest Infestation

Rodents and insects are always on the lookout for a new habitat. Secured gutters discourage this by helping to seal off the edge of your roof, where gaps encourage entry. Guards and screens on eavestroughs and/or the installation of seamless gutters add to the level of protection from vermin and deter infiltration of your drainage system.

Mold Reduction

Water leaves its mark both seen and unseen. This manifests through musty odours, unsightly marks on walls and dangerous molds. A properly installed eavestrough, one that reduces overflow, goes a long way to avoiding the real health hazards of mold accumulation in your home.

Basement Flooding

The downspout of your eavestrough is designed to use gravity to guide moisture down from the roof and away from your home so water doesn’t collect in your basement and cause an inundation.

Foundation Protection

Like the protection of your basement, properly installed and maintained gutters direct water to a safe distance from your home so your foundation does not break down and you are left with costly repairs and a very dangerous situation that threatens the entire structure.

Landscape Protection

Excess water leaves the earth around your home muddy and slippery and undermines the stability of your soil. It can also seep through the earth to paved areas that surround your home like driveways and sidewalks. This excess water can cause these paved areas to buckle and collapse. The downspout of an eavestrough sends water away from your home to an outdoor destination that doesn’t cause harm to the area around your house.

Year-Round Protection 

Gutters work throughout the year. In warmer weather they handle rain, and in the cold, they prevent the formation of ice dams at your roof’s edge, which can be a source of significant problems when the ice melts. 

Choose a Trusted Contractor for Residential Roofing and Eavestrough Installation and Maintenance 

Since 1983, Davidoff Roofing has provided residential roofing services in London, Ontario and the surrounding regions. Our services cover the installation and maintenance of eavestroughs systems to include gutter guards that protect your home and property from the following: 

  • Corrosion 
  • Vermin 
  • Fire from gutters clogged with dry debris 

Our certified experts are on hand to assess your roofing needs and the installation of reliable eavestroughs to avoid costly repairs and damage. Call us today at 519-641-7663 with questions and to set up an appointment.